Basalt fiber characteristics


Basalt continuous fiber not only has high strength, but also has many excellent properties such as electrical insulation, 
corrosion resistance, and high temperature resistance. In addition, the production process of basalt fiber determines 
that there is less waste generated and environmental pollution is small. After the product is discarded, it can be directly 
degraded in the environment without any harm, so it is a veritable green and environmentally friendly material. my country 
has listed basalt fiber as one of the four major fibers (carbon fiber, aramid, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, 
and basalt fiber) to be developed and realized industrialized production. Continuous basalt fibers have been widely u
sed in fiber-reinforced composite materials, friction materials, shipbuilding materials, thermal insulation materials, 
automotive industry, high-temperature filter fabrics, and protection fields.

Basalt fiber chopped yarn is a product made by chopped continuous basalt fiber strands. The fiber is coated with (silane) 
wetting agent. Therefore, basalt fiber chopped strand yarn is the preferred material for reinforcing thermoplastic resin, 
and it is also the best material for reinforcing concrete. Basalt is a high-performance volcanic rock component. 
This special silicate gives basalt fiber excellent chemical resistance, especially alkali resistance. Therefore,
 basalt fiber is an excellent material to replace polypropylene (PP) and polyacrylonitrile (PAN) to strengthen cement concrete; 
it is also an alternative to polyester fiber, lignin fiber and other highly competitive products used in asphalt concrete, 
which can improve High temperature stability, low temperature crack resistance and fatigue resistance of asphalt concrete.