basalt fiber geogrid manufacturing

Scope of application
1. Reinforce the roadbed of various highways, railways and airports
2. Reinforcement of foundations for permanent load-bearing such as large parking lots and wharf cargo
3. Slope protection of highways and railways
4. Culvert enha

1. Product introduction
The basalt fiber geogrid is made of high-strength basalt fiber yarn, which is woven into a grid-like substrate using advanced warp knitting technology. It adopts a warp knitting ation structure and makes full use of the yarn strength in the fabric to make it have good tensile strength. It is a flat mesh-like material made of tear resistance and creep resistance and surface coating treatment.

Second, the molding process
A semi-rigid product made of high-strength basalt fiber as a raw material, woven into a grid-like substrate through an advanced warp knitting process, surface coating treatment, drying, and molding