Basalt Fiber Geogrid

Item No.: bvcbbw
Application:Laying cement concrete pavement, bridge pier reinforcing the dam and various building and construction joint surface of walls, pieces of cement mortar or concrete placement.
Basalt Geogrid initially woven fiber cloth, through the asphalt (gum) treatment of the dry molding.

The main role of geogrid is to improve the cement mortar or concrete fatigue cracking, high temperature rutting resistance temperature shrinkage cracking, retarding reflection cracks.

Therefore, highway, bridge deck, municipal roads and the airport road and other road projects demanding extensive application.

Currently, geogrid materials are mainly two types of glass fiber and plastic.

l  Properties: basalt fiber mesh fabric with high tensile strength, good compatibility with the mixture of asphalt can be very good against bio-erosion and climate change.

As the asphalt mixture mixing temperatures up to 190 °C or more, the temperature of the basalt fiber mesh fabric mesh fabric in a variety of species present in a strong competitive advantage.

l  Standard: Standard, Traffic, "Highway Engineering basalt fiber and its products Part 3 of basalt fiber mesh cloth"