Basalt Fiber Direct Roving

Item No.: vngjrvncn
Fields of application
Filament-winding of various pipes, tanks and cylinders
Various woven rovings, mesh fabrics and geotextiles
Repair (healing) and strengthening of infrastructures
fibers for heat resistant SMC, BMC and DM

Direct roving products specifically uesd for reinforcement of PA.It is suitable for LFT process and twin-screw direct extrusion process to make basalt fiber reinforced PA granule.
With multiple parallel raw silk or single strand wire twisting in parallel to the original state merged.Tensile strength of the roving 6-13μ is ≥0.6N/Tex.Elastic modulus is ≥ 91GPa. Elongation at break ≥ 2.6%.
Not only has the basalt fiber and PPTA (poly phenylene two formyl aniline) and UHMWPE (UHMWPE) and other high technilogy comparable to the fiber with high strength, high modulus and impact resistant performance, and high temperature resistance, excellent light resistance, especially the interfacial bonding strength and the resin with higher.