Basalt Fiber Composite Rebar

Composite (FRP) rebars are manufactured by pultrusion. FRP rebars have been used as an alternative to steel rebars for reinforcement of concrete structure, building foundations, roads and more.

Basalt Fiber Rebar is made from high strength basalt roving along with an extremely durable vinyl ester or epoxy resin bycombinging the pultrusion process and in-line winding and coating process for the outside surface

Compared with high-tech fibers such as carbon fiber, aramid fiber, and ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber (UHMWPE), basalt fiber has the characteristics of high-tech fiber high strength and high modulus. Basalt fiber also has good high temperature resistance and oxidation resistance. , Radiation resistance, heat insulation and sound insulation, good filterability, high compressive strength and shear strength, excellent performance for use in various environments, and good cost performance. It is a pure natural inorganic non-metallic material, and it is also a kind of New basic materials and high-tech fibers that meet the development needs of the basic industries of the national economy.

Application of Basalt Fiber in the Field of Functional Clothing Basalt fiber cloth has high strength, permanent flame retardancy, short-term temperature resistance above 1000 ℃, and can be used at 760 ℃ for a long time. It is an ideal material to replace asbestos and glass fiber cloth. The basalt fiber cloth has high breaking strength, high temperature resistance and permanent flame retardancy. It is a low-cost alternative to high-performance fibers and advanced fibers such as Nomex (aramid 1313), Kevlar (aramid 1414), Zylon (PBO fiber), and carbon fiber. The basalt fiber cloth can be dyed and printed after chemical printing and dyeing. After functional finishing, such as organic fluorine finishing, it can be made into a permanent flame-retardant cloth that is resistant to oil and water. The garments that can be made with basalt fiber cloth include: firefighter fire-fighting protective clothing, thermal insulation clothing, fire-preventing clothing, protective clothing for workers in front of the furnace, welding overalls, and flame-retardant clothing for military armored vehicle occupants..