Basalt fiber reinforced mesh for construction

Advantages and benefits:
Specially developed coating provides good adhesion with concrete to improve tensile strength and increase impact resistance.
High mechanical strength and modulus.
High resistance to chemical aggressive environment and in partic


Use of jumeisheng basaltfiber in construction application allows to considerably increase the quality of road pavement and construction structures, to increase service life by 3-5 years and time between overhauls by 15%, decelerate the process of cracks and rutting formation compared to meshes produced of Е-glass.


This is the reason why more and more construction companies around the world use different types of basalt mesh and geogrid in their projects and why more and more mesh manufacturers begin production of basalt geogrid and mesh instead of traditional products made out of E-glass and other types of fiber.



Basalt mesh can either be used in the ultrahigh-temperature or ultralow-temperature environmental conditions, can prevent the cracks of asphalt pavement and resist bio erosion and climate change effectively. It also has good heat stability and will not have creep at long term. It posses good consistency when mixed with bituminous mixture. Because the mixing temperature in bituminous mixture is high over 190℃,the basalt fiber can resist to elevated temperature, have very competitive superiority compared with present variety meshes.