Basalt fiber twisted yarn manufacturer

-Fabrics and tapes resistant to acids, alkalis
and high temperature
-Base cloth of needled felt
-Base cloth for electric insulation board
-Electric insulation yarns and threads
-Advanced heat-resistant and chemical


Basalt fiber twisted yarn
●Product introduction
Basalt basalt fiber spinning is a yarn made of multiple basalt fiber strands after twisting and doubling. 
The diameter of the monofilament is generally ≤ 13 microns. 
Textile yarns can be roughly divided into weaving yarns and other industrial yarns. 
Weaving yarn is mainly bobbin yarn and bottle-shaped cheese yarn.
●Product Features
⊙High temperature resistance up to 700℃, low temperature resistance up to -270℃
⊙High tensile strength and high elastic modulus
⊙Heat insulation, sound absorption, sound insulation
⊙Resistant to acid and alkali corrosion
●Product Application
⊙Construction industry: heat insulation, sound absorption, sound insulation materials, fireproof cloth, reinforced materials
⊙Manufacturing industry: shipbuilding thermal insulation materials, 
attracting materials for airplanes, automobiles, and trains, insulating walls, brake pads
⊙Electronics industry: ship insulation wire, model, electroplating board
⊙Petroleum energy: petroleum transportation pipeline
⊙Chemical industry: chemical anti-corrosion container
⊙Environmental protection industry: basalt filter bag, needle felt, chopped strand, sewing thread
⊙Other fields: seismic safety equipment and thermal insulation equipment