Jumeisheng Basalt fiber source manufacturers

Fields of application

-Fabrics and tapes resistant to acids, alkalis
and high temperature
-Base cloth of needled felt
-Base cloth for electric insulation board
-Electric insulation yarns and threads
-Advanced heat-resistant and chemical

Basalt fiber: continuous fiber drawn from natural basalt.
 It is a continuous fiber made by high-speed drawing of platinum-rhodium alloy drawing slipboard after 
basalt material is melted at 1450℃~1500℃. The color of pure natural basalt fiber is generally brown
with metallic luster. Basalt fiber is a new type of inorganic environmentally friendly green high-performance
 fiber material. It is composed of oxides such as silica, alumina, calcium oxide, magnesium oxide, iron oxide, a
nd titanium dioxide. Basalt continuous fiber not only has high strength, but also has many excellent properties such 
as electrical insulation, corrosion resistance, and high temperature resistance.