Railway basalt fiber geogrid

Scope of application
1. Reinforce the roadbed of various highways, railways and airports
2. Reinforcement of foundations for permanent load-bearing such as large parking lots and wharf cargo
3. Slope protection of highways and railways
4. Culvert enha

1. Wall reinforcement materials (such as wall mesh, GRC wallboard, EPS internal and external wall insulation board, gypsum board, etc.)
2. Reinforced cement products (such as Roman pillars, flues, etc.)
3. Granite, mosaic special mesh, marble backed mesh
4. Waterproof membrane cloth, asphalt roof waterproofing
5. Reinforced plastic and rubber products skeleton materials
6. Fireproof board
7. Grinding wheel base cloth
8. Used on highway pavement
9. Used to reinforce soft soil foundation, reinforced asphalt or cement pavement, 
pavement anti-cracking engineering, and reinforce embankments and rivers and sea dikes
10. Caulking tape for construction

Product advantages 
The basalt fiber geogrid is used to strengthen the asphalt road surface and has the following advantages:
(1) Meet the requirements of construction temperature
The geogrid needs to withstand a high temperature of 100 ℃ ~ 200 ℃ when paving the mixture. 
The working temperature of basalt fiber can reach 700 ℃, so its performance will not be affected by the high temperature.
(2) Strong durability
The basalt fiber geogrid can resist various physical abrasion and chemical erosion, and has strong anti-aging performance.
The basalt fiber geogrid disperses the wheel load stress in the asphalt surface layer and reduces the stress concentration.
 At the same time, the basalt fiber deforms very little under long-term load, can maintain its performance for a long time, a
nd can reduce the road surface deflection and deformation to a certain extent. , Thereby improving the performance of asphalt pavement.
(3) The geogrid can limit the movement of aggregates in the mixture and improve the high temperature resistance of the road surface; 
under low temperature conditions in winter, the geogrid can offset the tensile stress of the asphalt surface, 
reduce shrinkage cracks and reflection cracks, and improve Low temperature resistance of the pavement.