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Sichuan Jumeisheng New Material Technology Co., Ltd is a high and new technology enterprise specializing the production, research and sales of glass fiber, carbon fiber, continuous basalt fiber products and composite fiber products. Our company was founded in 2017, located in High-tech Zone of Dazhong,Sihuan provice, with the registered capital of 156 million CNY and covers area of 300,000 square meters. We manufacture diverse high quality continuous basalt fibers with filament diameter above 7μm such as basalt chopped roving,basalt composite rebar,basalt geogrid ,basalt Uni-Directional cloth.
We are ISO9001 and GJB9001C-2017 certificated and have a strong technical force and R&D team,with holds 18 invention patents.We are cooperating with Chinese Academy of Sciences,Southwest Jiaotong
New technology breakthrough in basalt
Jumeisheng pioneered the new technology of pool kiln wire drawing, which is different from most domestic and foreign companies that use crucible wire drawing or combined furnace wire drawing. Its products have a large dispersion coefficient and unstable quality. Jumeisheng has broken through the six major bottlenecks in the industrial production of basalt continuous fiber at home and abroad, pioneered the new technology of pool kiln drawing and 2400-hole large leakage plate drawing technology, and has established a 3,500-ton pool kiln production demonstration line, which has successfully achieved stable and large-scale production. High-performance basalt continuous fiber production, single-line daily output of 12-15 tons.
BASALT FIBER Basalt continuous fiber has high strength, and has various excellent properties such as electrical insulation, corrosion resistance, and high temperature resistance. The production process of basalt fiber determines that it produces less waste and causes less pollution to the environment, and the product can be directly degraded in the environment after being discarded without any harm, so it is a veritable green and environmentally friendly material.
GLASS FIBER Glass fiber is an inorganic non-metallic material with
excellent performance. Glass fibers are usually used as
reinforcing materials in composite materials, electrical
insulating materials and thermal insulation materials,
circuit substrates and other fields of the national econo
Application areas of composite materials

Wind power, construction, aviation, marine, transportation

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CARBON FIBER Carbon fiber is made of carbon fiber treated with epoxy coating and press-woven with graphite. The advantages are light weight, high tensile strength, and of all low-density synthetic handle materials, carbon fiber is probably the strongest. Carbon fiber is also a highly processed material, so it is generally used in high-end products as well.
12 / Mar
Expanding the application space of basalt fiber, local enterprises in Dazhou received orders of 162 million yuan
On March 10, the Dazhou Basalt Fiber New Material Product Application Promotion Conference was held. With the help of the conference platform, the basalt fiber industry enterprises from Dazhou received 162 million yuan of orders on the spot. At the confe
21 / Oct
Dazhou High-tech Zone wants benefits from science and technology, and seeks development by innovation-basalt fiber
https://www.basaltfiber-cn.com/Speaking of Dazhou Basalt Fiber Industry Research Institute, one has to mention the basalt fiber industry. Dazhou, located at the to the east of Sichuan, is an important "one wing" in the strategic layout of the "one body a
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Basalt use
Pumice is also a good abrasive material, used to grind metal and stone; in industry, it can also be used as a filter, drier, catalyst, etc. Basaltic rock formations are related to their consolidation environment. Basalt formed on land is often in rope structure, block structure and columnar joints; basalt formed underwater is often with pillow structure. The pore structure and amygdaloidal structure may be found in various basalts. The degree of crystallization and grain size of basalt depends mainly on the cooling rate of the magma. If the cooling is slow, for example, a few degrees down a day, the crystals formed are a few millimeters in size and equal in size