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Dazhou High-tech Zone wants benefits from science and technology, and seeks development by innovation-basalt fiber

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Update time : 2021-10-21 22:39:14 of Dazhou Basalt Fiber Industry Research Institute, one has to mention the basalt fiber industry. Dazhou, located at the  to the east of Sichuan, is an important "one wing" in the strategic layout of the "one body and three wings" for the development of the basalt fiber industry in our province. The Dazhou High-tech Zone is the main position for the development of the basalt fiber industry.

In order to vigorously develop the basalt fiber industry, Dazhou High-tech Zone has made a series of "big moves." A basalt fiber industrial park with a planned area of ​​more than 6000 acres is planned, 4 service-oriented functional areas and 7 industrial cluster functional areas are planned simultaneously, and more than 20 key projects of fiber and subsequent products in 5 categories are carefully planned to promote new basalt fiber building materials , The development of the composite material industry cluster, and strive to build the country's first-class and world-renowned "China Fiber Valley".

With the establishment and operation of Sichuan Jumeisheng Basalt Fiber Technology Co., Ltd., the annual output of basalt fiber in Dazhou High-tech Zone has reached 20,000 tons. "The products have been sold to Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other places, and the orders for 2021 are endless." said the relevant person in charge of Sichuan Jumeisheng Basalt Fiber Technology Co., Ltd.

But the production and sale of raw silk is not enough. In order to promote the high-quality development of the basalt fiber industry, Dazhou High-tech Zone has established a public technology platform integrating "production, learning, research, and inspection". Dazhou Basalt Fiber Industry Research Institute is an experimental platform for the source innovation of Dazhou basalt fiber industry. Since the institute was put into use on September 25, 2020, researchers have focused on the three directions of efficient production and process equipment of basalt fiber, key technologies for basalt fiber quality control and performance improvement, and research and development of basalt fiber composite materials and application products. Subject research.

Automobile covering parts, interior and exterior decoration parts of rail trains, composite pipes, unmanned aerial vehicles, trash cans, water cellars, fireproof cloths... these promising basalt fiber after-products have been "made in Dazhou". "We can produce 3,000 kilometers of basalt fiber composite pipes, 2,000 tons of composite bars and supporting facilities annually.
"The relevant person in charge of Sichuan Aerospace Tuoda Basalt Fiber Development Co., Ltd. said.

The empowerment of science and technology is a source of fresh water for the development of the basalt fiber industry in Dazhou. At present, Dazhou has completed the entire industrial chain layout of five major processes in the molding, winding, pultrusion, textile, and injection basalt fiber industries, and has initially formed an industrial ecology of "raw materials produced in Dazhou, technology researched and developed in Dazhou, and results transformed in Dazhou".

In addition, Dazhou High-tech Zone has established close interactions in scientific and technological innovation with Sichuan University, Southwest Jiaotong University, Sichuan University of Light and Chemical Technology and other universities and research institutions. In-depth cooperation in technical personnel training and other fields.
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